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March 17, 2008


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Super FZL

Personally, I think they make good music, but their politics are just a gimmick. If they claim to be socialists, people will say their name more, sometimes in disgust. The more people that hear about them, the more people that will look into them by buying their albums.

ugg nightfall

You can also insist on writing so good articles in your life for us.and I think you are a free man to do things as your ideals.pursit it.and now pls change our things with my website,link my name to know me.


Rage against the machine are hypocrites.

tazz man

rage brings things to light that most narrow minded american don't or won't see! I read a study a while back that said america consumes in one year what the rest of the of the world does in 12 years. America is a parasite nation. I have a marine buddy just back from afghanistan and i asked what are we doing over there and replied "If you where my commanding officer I say we are trying to win the hearts and minds of the people but as my friend I'll tell you we are making more enemies and terrorizing a hardened people.Think!

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