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August 01, 2009


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Say what you will about Piggies...it made for the best mash up on DJ Danger Mouse's The Grey Album. And for that, it should get some sort of bonus points.


PS - I also once met a person whose favorite Beatles song was "Paperback Writer" to which I couldn't stop laughing for a good 30 minutes.


I think "Honey Pie" is at least as bad, although that's probably a song you either love or hate.

Among the hits, I agree "Paperback Writer" is kind of lame, but I always thought "Eight Days a Week" sounded lazy and uninspired, and "The Long and Winding Road" was over-produced by Phil Spector to within an inch of its life (although there's probably a good song in there somewhere).

Best Beatles songs? Only a fool would try to pick...but here are a few of my faves. "A Day in the Life", "I Feel Fine", "Hard Days Night", "Savoy Truffle", "USSR", "Norwegian Wood", "Because" (really, all of side 2 of Abbey Road, Because just kicks off the greatest medley of all time)

Peter K.

I like "Piggies".

There is no Beatle song worse than "Mr. Moonlight".

But if you limit your selection to songs recorded by the Beatles and composed by one or more of the Beatles, then I think it's "Wild Honey Pie" (not "Honey Pie", which sounds like a good homage to Tiny Tim).


Agreed on "Wild Honey Pie" being the worst of the worst. But I think it was wise to focus on "Piggies" in that line in the movie, b/c "Wild Honey Pie" is clearly just a mess -- whereas "Piggies" sounds like they were actually trying there.

Among my least favorite Beatles songs that others like, I've gotta say "Fool on the Hill" annoys me -- despite (or because of?) the fact that we had to read and discuss the lyrics as poetry in 9th grade English class.


In some ways, I don't think "Wild Honey Pie" even qualifies as a song - I've always thought of it as one of a few random pieces of noise that were scattered around the White Album, like Revolution 9 and Why Don't We Do it in the Road? (although they are more like normal songs, but still seem either like throwaways or experiments they thought were just weird enough to keep). So I was kind of putting in a separate category, although technically of course it remains a song...

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rocky racoon is definetly the worst.
or savoury truffle. -_-


*savoy truffle.

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