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November 08, 2009


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I realize that this conversation is ancient by internet standards, but all the more reason to chime in. 50 VC Doberman remains a must-have for RF fans and for fans of music that tells a story! Buy it and listen! Tell me if I'm wrong. You won't because it is good music!
Robbie like to entertain you and he likes to entertain himself as well. He likes it when his musical sense makes you come away smiling. But he also likes it when his sharp wit makes you wince once in a while.
Like the article above says, this release is essential!

Larry Kaufmann

Thanks SH! Yes, this is definitely an essential release, it's amazingly eclectic and shows the range of RF's talent. Nice to see that he's received more attention the last couple years with Upland Stories, which is good but more 'serious' and frankly depressing than RF's overall work - and definitely unlike an RF live show which, as you say, is always a hell of a lot of fun.

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