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June 10, 2010


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Dave Barry is:

Best analogy - "Scotland playing Brazil is like Justin Bieber fighting Mike Tyson."


I of course root for the United States, and for as long as I have been watching the Cup (actually since 1998, since they didn’t make 1994), have adopted England as my second team. So the draw this year is a little tough for me, although I think they will both come out of the group. I also have a strange obsession with all things Uruguay (originating from my childhood when I discovered they have the coolest flag in the world), so I will be pulling hard for them tomorrow. I informed my brother of this fact, which lead to the following exchange. Bro: You can’t root for Uruguay. Me: Why not? Bro: They just elected a socialist government. Me: But yet you are still rooting for the United States.


The US draw is rough for me too. I've rooted for England in addition to the Yanks since I did study abroad in London and all of my favorite Chelsea players play for England (though we just lost Joey Cole, sad face). Brazil mesmerized me as a kid so I always root for them too. But the Yanks are top dog for me, obvi.


In other news, CU to the Pac-10 is official: http://bit.ly/9aURjD


I'm not much for soccer, but I remember being in Germany during 2002's Cup when some African country (can't remember which) pulled a huge upset. It was the lead story on BBC and CNN International all day and they both used the same footage of people celebrating in the streets. Rather inexplicably much of the celebration seemed to involve a guy holding a chicken above his head while riding around on the back of a motorcycle.


Senegal made it to the quarterfinals that year, so that was probably the chicken celebration. I was traveling around Japan and China during the World Cup that year. It was nice to be able to watch matches at night instead of 7am in the morning.

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