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July 01, 2010


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In preparation for the stellar World Cup quarterfinal match ups (the morning games at least), I give you the Darth Vader penalty kick: http://sports.todaysbigthing.com/2010/06/29


My brother encouraged me to join the New Republic World Cup pick contest, and I ended up signing up, mostly in hopes that I would kick Franklin Foer’s butt. Going into the quarter finals, I am miraculously in second place out of over 300 entries. The going gets tough this weekend. I think Uruguay and Spain are safe bets, and for some reason I just think that Brazil will have no problem beating Holland tomorrow morning. The tough one is Argentina-Germany. Argentina is playing really well, but the German counter attack could cause them some serious trouble. I have until Friday night to make my pick in that game. Right now I am leaning towards Argentina, but if you happen to have a hot tip which will let this right of center soccer fan beat a bunch of leftie hipsters, please pass it on.


Honestly, I think that the awesomeness of Argentina's offense has distracted folks from how bad their back line is. My prediction: The German attack rip Demichelis and co to shreds.


Mere days until July 4th and we're talking about soccer...Feh!

(OK, so I'm actually planning on watching some Germany-Argentina...)

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