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December 14, 2010


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Intriguing picks! Looking forward to browsing the music recommendations. It's funny how my 'best of 2010' playlist evolves during this time of year as I catch up with what's on others' Year End lists. Good call on Halladay. I agree also with honoring Tweedy who stands near -- or maybe at -- the top of this generation of songwriters, though I confess to having been less excited about seeking him out to see in-person ever since he dissed Ronald Reagan during a Wilco show, just prior to my 1 AM pilgrimage to the Capitol to see the Gipper lying in state...


Guilty pleasure TV viewing "Vice Guide to the World" on MTV. Excellent locations - Russia, interviewing the Mafia, inside North Korea, strip bar in some guy's dead parent's house in bombed out section of Detroit. Unfortunately these episodes are 5 minutes apiece.

Bangor Goode

Best sports pop culture moment of 2010 had to be Tiger Woods and Cigar Guy at the Ryder Cup: http://cigarguyrydercup.com/

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