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March 29, 2010


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Excellent review. Though I'd like to add that our little emo friend was making out with his little emo girlfriend enough that the lovely people behind us felt the need to chat "get a room." Also in the category of "stuff I wasn't expecting at a Ben Folds show."


I've seen Ben in concert 42 times and heard him play "Brick" exactly once. This was at a 9/11 fundraiser at the Bowery Ballroom in 12/2001. I'm not sure why he never plays it, but he told a story about how he heard Radiohead play "Creep" once, and how Thom Yorke was saying how he didn't hate the song. I guess the takeaway is Ben doesn't hate the song? Anyway, best way to get him to play something you want to hear is to write him a note and throw it onstage. I recommend getting there early, and stay to the left of the stage (facing). Once he's played a few songs, toss it up there and as long as he sees it, I can pretty much guarantee he'll read it. If you request "Brick" I imagine he'd play it for you, and if you're lucky, he'll sing the note out as an improv too. This has worked for me a couple of times; we got him to play "Kalamazoo" a few years back, which had been floating around as an early BFF demo forever. He kept saying he'd forgotten it, but hey, eventually he recorded it, so there you go!

I'm babbling.


Oh, just so you don't think I'm a total freakshow, that 42 times is over a 15 year span -- I was an early adopter :)


Twas a good time.

I would like to apologize to the universe and the long haired kid who I scared the shit out of by pre-emptively stating he could not stand in front of me due to his hair tossing tick. Maybe I'm just a crotchety old conservative but I can't stand hair long enough to get into a boy's eyes. I wanted to do a citizen's haircut arrest on him right then and there.

Megan McQ

Great comment about the tall people. That was absolutely true.

Also, I wanted to say (write?) that I'm glad Ben doesn't play "Brick" or other songs that everyone knows--primarily because he is such an amazing composer and performer and the popularity of these songs overshadows his genius; He needs to be seen (heard) for the collective entity of his works. I think that he wants the people who only know those songs to branch out from the conformity and listen to his other works.

I dislike that people request 'Brick' or 'The Luckiest.' I mean, really people. If he hadn't played the two songs I desperately love hearing love (Effington and Annie Waits)--I would have been screaming to hear those!

Also, Jana,

I'm impressed that you've seen Ben 42 times. In fact, I'd have to say I'm envious. We should definitely check out a concert together.

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